Wood Burning Fireplaces

Few things can beat the crackle, pop and glow of a wood-burning fireplace. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary look, Superior wood-burning fireplaces offer designs to suit every décor, style and budget. Our EPA certified line offer comfort and warmth coupled with the peace of mind that comes from responsible burning.

We install and service all types of gas fireplaces.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces offer the beauty, comfort and warmth of a flame at the touch of a switch. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary look, we can offer a wide variety of options designed to match any décor. Direct vent and Vent free options available.

Vent Free Logs

The combination of authentic looking hand-painted logs with a massive fire and ember bed allows you to have it all All of these vent-free gas logs are 99% heat efficient, operate during a power outage and can be used in a vented applications as well (optional damper clamped required).



Electric Fireplaces

Want the comfort and warmth of a fire, but don’t have the space?  Electric fireplaces provide the benefit of heat while creating the illusion of flame in a convenient electric appliance.